From Flow and Function to Fit and Finish

Our Projects

Landmark provides a team approach to projects, through associations with architects, contractors, and management companies that have extensive experience in this industry, and can be introduced into the project at the client’s request

Landmark is a core group of experienced and dedicated individuals that can manage, design, and facilitate all phases of the foodservice aspect of your project

Design Process

Phase 1: Program and Schematic Design

No cookie-cutter kitchen design solutions here. When we put our experience and know-how to work, our team works closely with yours to define the initial elements of your one-of-a-kind Landmark design solution.

Design Criteria

  • Review design criteria
  • Design program, menu format, food production and service systems in cooperation with the Owner’s representatives
  • Assist Architect and Owner’s representatives with finalizing space requirements, configuration and traffic patterns

Equipment List

Develop a preliminary equipment list for the foodservice equipment, identifying whether new or existing

Schematic Design

  • Based on the approved design program, and on available building space as designated by the Architect and Owner’s representatives, develop schematic plans for the food facilities
  • Review with Owner’s representatives and revise as required


Estimate at present value the foodservice equipment budget for equipment received, delivered, uncrated, and set-in-place ready for final connections to building services by others

Phase 2: Design Development

Once the preliminary criteria have been established, the vision for your foodservice facility design quickly takes shape. The design goes to the drawing board, where our CAD specialists lay out every detail in ¼” scale. Equipment specifications are documented, plans are submitted to regulatory agencies, and your final cost estimates are in hand.

Equipment Plan

Prepare ¼” scale design development drawings from the approved schematic plan, indicating the location, quantity, size and type of foodservice equipment

Equipment Specification Booklet

Prepare a foodservice equipment booklet showing buy-out equipment, accessories and utility requirements

Code Review

Submit plans to appropriate health code regulatory agencies for review and comment

Code Information

Provide information on prevailing state and local codes applicable to the foodservice areas as they affect equipment design and installation

Equipment Schedule Data Sheet

Prepare schedule identifying all foodservice equipment and related electrical, plumbing and HVAC point of connection information


Revise foodservice equipment cost estimates

Phase 3: Contract Documents

When your foodservice facility design details have been approved, final contract documents are prepared. Coordinating with the project Architect and Engineers, the Landmark Design Team produces the complete set of foodservice equipment documents needed to proceed to the final Bidding & Construction phase.

Foodservice Equipment Plan

Finalize ¼” scale plan and equipment list

Equipment Elevations

Prepare foodservice equipment elevation drawings at ½” scale or larger as required for custom fabricated equipment

Fabricated Equipment Details

Prepare supplemental specifications detailing the method of construction for custom fabricated equipment

Utility Rough-In Plans

Prepare ¼” scale electrical rough-in plan and plumbing and gas rough-in plan identifying utility requirements for final hook-ups of foodservice equipment by others

Special Conditions

Advise the Architect and Engineers as to areas requiring special ventilation, acoustics, lighting and construction materials for walls and doors, and special conditions for floor and wall construction where required. This may include submittal of a Special Conditions plan at ¼” scale

Phase 4: Project Management and Construction

In addition helping you choose the right contractor for your project, the Landmark team serves as the bridge between the Contractor and the Architect and Engineers. Drawing on our extensive experience in foodservice facility design and installation, we coordinate your project and supervise for compliance with the contract documents. We monitor every little detail, so you won’t have to.


NOTE: Items marked with an asterisk indicate steps required for health department plan review and approval.